Top 50 Engineering Blogs

by Linda on April 14, 2010

Engineering careers can vary from studies about landslides to planning urban designs that might prove sustainable. Engineering blogs reflect the same variety, including topics that touch on software, networking structures, automobiles, mining and more. To be part of the top 50 engineering blogs on this list, the blog must have an entry from the middle of March 2010 to show current interest, and it also must be at the top of its game in search results, no matter if it focuses on water, building or — yes — even farming.

The following list is divided into categories, and each link is listed alphabetically within those categories.

EngineeringEngineering Science

  1. Candid Engineer in Academia: Gain some insight into science and academia from the perspective of a “tell-it-lie-it-is” postdoctoral engineer.
  2. Central Science: Chemical & Engineering News is a weekly magazine published by the American Chemical Society, and this blog offers the latest news in supplement to that publication.
  3. Curious Cat: A science and engineering blog created by John Hunter, a man with experience in management improvement and related areas.
  4. Dave’s Landslide Blog: This blog provides a commentary on landslide events occurring worldwide, including the landslides themselves.
  5. Englibrary: Drexel University is behind this seemingly unending resource for scientists, engineers and technologists.
  6. Fairer Science: FairerScience is committed to changing science in terms of gender and where gender issues in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) interact with issues of race/ethnicity and disability.
  7. R. Salgado’s Blog: Rodrigo Salgado is a professor at the Purdue University School of Civil Engineering.
  8. Scientists and Engineers for America: SEA’s mission is to promote evidence-based decision making in at all levels of of the U.S. government.

Software EngineeringEngineering Tech and Software

  1. Aditya Kavoor’s Blog: Aditya is in his final year of software engineering in Bangalore. He is a free software activist and a bit of a wandering journalist (literally).
  2. Angel’s Civil 3D Thoughts: Angel is an Autodesk Civil Engineering Technical Specialist who offers his insights into civil engineering projects.
  3. Aviation Critic & Enthusiast: Intended as a “watering hole” for former EAC and EAC-NG bloggers, this site has expanded to include discussion of economics as well as rumor, speculation and gossip.
  4. CADCAM Blog: CADDIT and partners based in Sydney, Australia, share CAD and design software support services online for Autodesk AutoCAD compatible applications and more.
  5. CCIE Blog: Cisco Certified training courses provide IT training to thousands of engineers, and the blog keeps them all informed.
  6. Down at the Company Blog: Brought to you by Screaming Circuits, this blog offers design advice, cool things and company news.
  7. Flying Flux: Take a gander at this “hi-tech worker bee who works for a multi-national.” Topics include technology, but also politics and philosophy.
  8. IgorShare Weblog: IgorShare Consulting provides consulting services in building Enterprise Service-oriented (S+S) systems and scale them locally and to the cloud.
  9. Joel on Software: Over the last decade, Joel has written 1069 articles on his site about software development, management, business, and the Internet.
  10. Machine Vision for Users: If you want to learn more about the application of computer vision to industry and manufacturing, follow this blog.
  11. Networkers Online: was found by a group of network engineers with different backgrounds in networking.
  12. Paving the Way: Scott McEachron leads students and professionals into a world filled with AutoCAD Civil 3D technology.
  13. Rands in Repose: Content on this blog varies from thoughts of being an engineering manager in Silicon Valley to writing to what it’s like to be a nerd.
  14. Software Engineering – Best Practices: This blog focuses on software engineering’s newest trends.
  15. stevenf: If you want to follow a technology nerd who focuses on software and technology, this is your guy.
  16. Wireless Sensor Networks Blog: This blog focuses totally on wireless sensor networks, new products, latest papers and much more for engineers.

MiningEngineering from All Angles

  1. Ambivalent Engineer: Iain McClatchie is interested in engineering of all kinds: digital logic, cameras (optics), power, rockets…
  2. Chemical Engineering World: This blogger has experienced chemical engineering in three different areas; research (academics); oil and gas; and oil and fats.
  3. Engineering &…: This blog features examples of how engineering intersects with the economy, society, education, and national interests in general.
  4. Engineering Pathway: This blog tries to turn ideas into reality with learning, connections and creativity. Their “Today in History” is popular.
  5. Engineering TV: A blog, an online video program, a learning place with cutting-edge technology and design…that’s Engineering TV, by engineers for engineers.
  6. I Think Mining: A blogger and civil engineer writes about mining with a critical eye, because he thinks mining can and should be done better.
  7. iMechanica: A Web of “mechanics and mechanicians” who deal with everything from research to software, education to industry.
  8. The Auto Prophet: Follow this engineer who works in product development for an American automotive company.
  9. The Engineering Daily: This is a Web-only magazine passionately dedicated to providing engineers with relevant and useful content on a variety of topics.
  10. The Learning Diary of an Israeli Water Engineer: Follow along and learn about this engineer’s issues, both physically and politically.
  11. Thoughts on business, engineering and higher education: Dr. Aurelie Thiele is an academic expert on quantitative risk and uncertainty management.
  12. World of Engineering: A Science/Engineering Librarian at Western Michigan University started this page to provide news and information to faculty and students at the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Environmental EngineeringSustainable Science, Tech and Engineering

  1. BOSS International Blog: BOSS develops and markets high-end water resource civil engineering software, and the engineering director, Chris Maeder, P.E., is the blog leader with a focus on alternate energies and water issues.
  2. Civil Solutions Blog: The Civil Solutions Group offers a blog that focuses on sustainability in Civil Engineering.
  3. Cleantech Blog: This blog, going strong since 2005, provides commentary on news and tech relating to clean tech, greentech, energy, climate change and carbon, and the environment.
  4. EcoGeek: According to this blog, “Those who shun technologies that could save the planet are just as guilty as those who ignore the environment.” Enjoy.
  5. Engineering Ethics Blog: Comments on current events with an engineering ethics angle.
  6. Good Clean Tech: This is an independent guide to Ecotechnology, with topics that range from apps and Web site to wind energy.
  7. Green Building Advisor: This is a complete guide for building, designing and remodeling green homes, from a scientific engineering perspective.
  8. Green-Trust: This site is filled with technical and scientific engineering projects, plans and discussions for sustainable environments both at the individual and group or organization level.
  9. Greenbuild: Every year, the Greenbuild conference hosts a blog to keep track of news regarding the event and the environmentally-friendly construction efforts of varying participants.
  10. Jetson Green: The obsessive green building blog that appeals to laymen as well as to engineers.
  11. Strategies for Sustainability: Learn more about how businesses, communities, governments, NGOs, institutions, and individuals use systems thinking and a holistic approach to sustainable development to create a more sustainable future.
  12. The Energy Zarr Blog: Rick Zarr from National Semiconductor leads readers into worlds filled with energy-efficient designs.
  13. The Farming Engineers: Meet Mr. and Mrs. B. Mrs. B. has “retired” from her engineering career to farm and raise a child. Mr. B. is still working as an engineer…at least for now.
  14. Urban Workbench: This blog represents the intersection between urban planning, design and civil engineering.

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